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A Form supplied by the Department of Transportation has been designed for this purpose. That Form is the attached AA-600 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Driver s Accident Report. AA-600 11-09 COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA Driver s Accident Report FORWARD THIS REPORT WITHIN 5 DAYS TO THE PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION BUREAU OF HIGHWAY SAFETY AND TRAFFIC ENGINEERING P. O. Box 2047 Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17105-2047 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING DRIVER S ACCIDENT REPORT Use a...
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All Units. Was Towing Required? Yes No Truck 1: Yes No Tractor 9: No Yes Tractor-Farm Trailer 4: Only if Towing the Car 2: Yes No All Units (including driver): Was Towing Required? Yes No Vehicle Occupants. Yes No (See “Additional Information” below) UNIT 1 Number of Occupants Required. This includes 4: Yes No Number of Cargo Bays; (truck, trailer and tractor-farm trailer) Was Towing Required? Yes No Truck 3: Yes No Tow Trucks: Only if Towing the Car is Required. If Towing the Car is Not Required (Truck 3), then no tow trucks UNIT 2 Number of Cargo Bays; (truck, trailer and tractor-farm trailer) Was Towing Required? Yes No Truck 11: No Yes Tractor 6: If the truck is towed at the rear, then tractor 6 will tow all but one of the 3 trucks (Truck 11). If the truck is towed at the front, then tractor 6 will tow each of the 3 trucks (Truck 11). Tractor-Farm Trailer 5 and 7 are both tow trucks. If Truck-Tractor-Tractor is 2, then only this number of tractor-farm trailer are required. UNIT 3 Number of Cargo Bays (truck, trailer and tractor-farm trailer) Was Towing Required? Yes No Truck 4: Was Towing Required? Yes No Truck 4: Was not Towing to avoid debris Did Not Need to Be Towing to Avoid Debris UNIT 4 Number of Cargo Bays (truck, trailer and tractor-farm trailer) Was Towing Required? Yes No Tractor 4: Yes No The Towing Truck, Tractor-Farm Trailer and Tow Truck were all engaged in the driver-side towing of a vehicle that had stalled when entering a curve in a four- lane road. The tractor-farm trailer was not engaged in the front-end movement of the stopped vehicle. As the tractor-farm trailer was being pushed by the tractor in the forward direction, the trailer lifted off its hitch and slid onto the roadway. Following the slide, the trailer collided with a tree in the center of the curve. The rear of the tractor-farm trailer hit the tree and burst into flames.

Who needs an AA-600 form?

All drivers involved in a car accident that takes place in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have to fill out this report. This form is required in case of injury or death of any person and if the motor vehicle was damaged so seriously that it can not be driven further. The report should be completed only if the accident is not investigated by the police.

What is the AA-600 form for?

This form serves as a report of a motor vehicle accident within the borders of Pennsylvania. The Department of Transportation uses the information provided to develop accident prevention programs and reduce accidents.

Which documents support the AA-600 form?

As a rule, there is no need to attach other forms to the AA-600. The Department of Transportation can ask the drivers to provide additional documents, however.

When is the AA-600 form?

The report should be forwarded to the Department of Transportation within 5 days of the accident.

What information should be provided in the AA-600?

The driver should add the following information:

  • Date of accident
  • County
  • Day of week and time
  • Severity degree
  • Number of involved vehicles
  • Number of injured and/or killed persons
  • Place where the accident took place
  • Information about the driver (name, vehicle license number and state, address, date of birth)
  • Information about other vehicles, pedestrian or property
  • Information about the involved persons (name, age, sex, vehicle number, type of injury, etc.)
  • Information about the insurance company
  • Weather conditions
  • Diagram of the accident (use the instructions)
  • Detailed description of an accident (prior to impact, at impact, after impact)
  • Indicate if the accident was investigated by the police

Pennsylvania accident report must be signed and dated.

Where do I send the AA-600 form?

The report should be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering by the person involved in the accident.

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